A story of ART


Measure ESTHER

Hi all! Thanks for checking out my website. I am Esther, 26 years young and living in Groningen, the Netherlands.

I have not always had a passion for painting and illustrating. In fact, it actually is a fairly new thing for me. As a kid I used to be the creative one, and with an artist as mom this was obviously heavily encouraged. But as I grew older, other things turned out to be more exciting and worth my time. Sustainable webshop. Handmade postcards and posters.

Adventures, sports and being outside and in nature makes me happy. Hiking, walking, running and snowboarding, as long as it is outside. Unfortunately, one day in the summer of 2018 I got bitten by a tick that gave me Lyme Neuroborreliosis. A nasty period followed in which I could do less and less of my usual activities. I started to fill up these empty hours on the couch with painting and shortly after, I started my Instagram account @illustrationsbyEsther. To my surprise, I received many encouraging messages and my follower base grew steadily. My main inspiration? Nature of course!

Since March 2019 I am recovering well and I started to feel alive and kicking again. Of course being sick is not fun, but because of this period I now have commissions, a website and I can call myself an entrepreneur. And besides that, it gave me time to think; what is important to me? What do I want and what should I maybe let go?

So here I am, a brand new artist with a webshop, an Instagram account, a head filled with ideas, a healthy body and great friends and family. Sometimes unexpected obstacles can have the greatest outcome.

With love,